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  Noelia and Laura, both co-founders of "Los Tesoros de la Ayalga" We share our surname but luckily we also share a project. Someone could say that since we were just little girls we loved to create, imagine and of course break in to various devices just to check "what was inside" and so we did, but what we would really like to transmit with this is that over the years we still enjoy the urge that arises from an idea that becomes into reality.

   Even if we cannot satisfy everybody's taste we want to be true to our own way of seeing things regardless the current trends, but at the same time we would like to offer the possibility to create something unique and special and customize it to your desire, so since we started this adventure in 2010 we have made an effort each day to ensure that everybody that trusts us and buys any of our creations can actually feel that they were made with love and care.

   With the help of all of you that have supported us and the new ones that become part of this, we can keep working, improving and offering, after all, a piece of our dream.

Noelia  y  Laura 
        Alonso  del   Dago

 Who we are  

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